SpilMax Natura-Sorb Floor Sweep CH2000 | CH1998


Australian-made SpilMax Natura-Sorb Floor Sweep is all natural and biodegradable. Natura-Sorb is made from organic wood and cellulose fibres. These fibres are treated, pelletised and processed to provide a granulated floor sweep. Natura-Sorb’s granular texture offers an effective weight for easier application and prevents excessive dust.

Natura-Sorb absorbs more liquid than clay products or kitty litter and is environmentally friendly.

Natura-Sorb has a strong wicking effect and encapsulates liquids rapidly. Use this floor sweep to clean up a wide variety of spills, including hydrocarbons, water-based liquids, solvents, cooking oils, sewage and protein liquids. Natura-Sorb is not suitable for corrosive or highly oxidising agents.

Natura-Sorb does not contain crystalline silica. This floor sweep is ideal for industrial workplaces, high volume land-based spill response, transport companies, utilities, infrastructure construction, mine sites, road works and workshops.

Natura-Sorb Floor Sweep is used to clean up liquid spills on land. SpilMax® offers a broad range of floor sweeps that encapsulate the contaminants rather than simply absorbing them. Because this floor sweep encapsulates chemicals so they will not leach out into the environment, this floor sweep meets the EPA criteria for disposal at land fill. Always check local disposal regulations.


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