SpilMax 400gsm UniChem Absorbent Rolls CH1310


SpilMax 400gsm UniChem Absorbent Rolls offer the highest absorbency rate due to their heavier weight. UniChem pads are yellow and work as both a Universal absorbent and Chemical absorbent to clean up a wider range of liquids. They will absorb water, bodily fluids, oils, fuels, diesel, coolant, general workplace chemicals and common agricultural chemicals, oxidisers, acids and caustics. Since these absorbents also pick up water, they are not recommended for oil-on-water spills.

UniChem Absorbent Rolls are perforated. This allows pads to be torn off individually or into custom-sized absorbent sheets. Absorbent sheets are ideal for use under vehicles and equipment during maintenance or refuelling. Sheets of absorbent can be used to create set-down areas for containers or leaking equipment.

These pads are manufactured from melt blown polypropylene. They have dimples and scrim for greater durability. They do not lint or tear easily. Pads can be wrung out and reused many times during spill clean up.

The SpilMax range of absorbents have undergone extensive testing to ensure their absorbency and performance.


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