SpilMax Zeolite Floor Sweep CH3200


SpilMax Zeolite Floor Sweep is an all-natural heat sterilised mineral that’s non-abrasive, non-toxic and non-hazardous. Zeolite is wind resistant and will perform better outdoors than many other floor sweep options. Zeolite’s granular texture and large surface area allow it to absorb liquids, vapours and toxic odours.

Zeolite’s strong wicking action pulls spills from the surface and as a result, leaves less residue and odour from the spill. It absorbs immediately on contact which leaves a clean surface where the spill occurred. This floor sweep can be used on most surfaces including concrete, bitumen, and porous surfaces.

This floor sweep encapsulates liquids. This means they cannot leach back into the environment.

Zeolite Floor Sweep is used to clean up most chemicals and liquids including oils, grease, petrol, diesel, solvents, coolant, degreasers, mild acids, bases, paints, varnish, inks, dyes, edibles, water, disinfectants, ammonia, commercial liquid waste, urine and other human and animal fluids.

This product is not suitable for hydrofluoric acid, strong acids or strong oxidising agents.

SpilMax Zeolite Floor Sweep is ideal for a wide range of domestic and industrial applications.

Zeolite is used to clean up liquid spills on land. SpilMax offers a broad range of floor sweeps that encapsulate the contaminants rather than simply absorbing them. Because this floor sweep encapsulates chemicals so they will not leach out into the environment, this floor sweep meets the EPA criteria for disposal at landfill. Always check local disposal regulations


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