Spill Bund CHSB01

Spill Bunds are used to store containers of liquids, plant, machinery and equipment. They are for indoor and outdoor applications. These Spill Bunds offer flexible, durable, portable spill containment. The foam filled sides can be driven over or stepped on and the bund easily cleaned.

Spill Bunds can be used to store containers of liquids or equipment. Ideal for the temporary or permanent storage of drums, containers of liquids, plant, machinery and equipment – anything that could spill or leak and cause pollution. Use indoors and out for easy, manageable, and portable incidental spill containment.

This spill mat spill containment solution was designed with storage and portability in mind. They are easily rolled or folded for storage allowing you to transport them to your projects. Having a spill bund with you means you will be ready to respond quickly to meet EPA regulations.


  • Temporary drum storage
  • Set down for containers of liquids
  • Decanting station
  • Containment of plant & equipment on work sites
  • Storing hydraulic hoses when not in use


  • Drive in and out
  • Easy to set up and take down
  • Folds up for transport and storage
  • Available in standard sizes and custom fabrication
  • High-quality foam sides
  • Strong material resistant to punctures, tears, abrasions
  • Resistant to UV and temperature extremes
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Easy to clean and reusable


  • Heavy duty 610gsm PVC, hi-vis yellow
  • 100mmH sidewalls

Accessories and Options

  • Size
    Available in a range of standard sizes or specify custom fabrication
  • Material
    Upgrade to XR-5 for durability and and increased chemical resistance
  • Ground mat
    Increase longevity and protect against punctures on rough surfaces.

Suggested Size by Application


Suggested Application Product Code Internal Dimension (m) Capacity (L)
1 drum CHSB1 0.6 x 0.6 36
2 drums CHSB2 1.2 x 0.6 72
4 drums / 1 Pallet / 1 IBC CHSB3 1.2 x 1.2 144
4 IBCs / 4 pallets CHSB7 2.4 x 2.4 576
Car APSM63 6 x 3 1,800
Truck APSM184 18 x 4 7,200


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