Weighted Containment Boom CHWCB01

The Weighted Containment Boom is a great portable bunding option. They provide a flexible approach to environmental compliance and spill preparedness. These portable booms are typically used as a precaution to contain accidental spills and protect drain pits from pollution by spilled liquids. They can be easily shaped around drain pits or to create a barrier for a liquid flow. The Weighted Containment Boom is reliable and reusable. Fabricated from chemical resistant PVC and filled with gel for better weight and seal. Sand filled and water filled options also available.


  • Where portable bunding is required to contain liquid spills before entering the stormwater drains
  • Shopping centres & high-risk areas
  • Wash down areas
  • Any area where permanent floor bunding is not suitable


  • Multiple weighted containment booms can be joined by the yellow PVC cuff to form a longer containment boom.
  • Wrapped in a robust geotextile material for a better seal.
  • Conform well around a drain pit or the source of a leak to direct or contain a liquid a spill.
  • Easy to transport and store.


  • 900gsm PVC insert
  • 260gsm non woven geo-textile
  • Gel filled
  • Handles



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