Absorbent Spill Mat CHAM01


The reusable Absorbent Spill Mat is an easy, convenient and portable way to capture drips, minor spills and leaks. The PVC base provides ground protection and an impermeable layer to capture contaminants. Simply replace the used absorbent pad inside when it’s saturated.

The spill mat is weighted on two sides to help keep the mat in position when deployed. Each spill mat can be easily rolled up and stored using the attached tabs and handles.

Great for outdoor use. The replaceable absorbent pad is hydrophobic and repels water which is ideal for use around water and in wet conditions.

Internal absorbent provided is suitable for use with oils, fuels, diesel and other hydrocarbons. The internal absorbent pad can be easily replaced.

Carry handle can be used to hang the spill mat in a handy location.

Eyelets can be used to peg the mat into position. Velcro closure to secure the absorbent pad.


  • Refueling and coupling stations
  • Hydraulic hose bleeding
  • Vehicle and equipment servicing
  • Equipment set down


  • Flat Size: 1mL x 1mW
  • Top Layer: Knitted HDPE mesh with 10 year UV resistance
  • Middle Layer: Replaceable 400gsm hydrophobic polypropylene absorbent
  • Base Layer: Heavy-duty 610gsm PVC


  • UniChem replacement absorbent pad – absorbs more types of liquids including water.


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