Water Filled Drain Cover CHDB01

Deploy the Water Filled Drain Cover to prevent run-off pollutants from entering a storm drain. The reusable and durable drain cover is an effective design for blocking a stormwater drain. It offers a firm seal and flexibility to conform to uneven surfaces.

Initially created for fire fighters, the Water Filled Drain Cover is easy to use in an emergency. This style of drain cover offers reliable drain sealing. To block a storm drain, place the empty PVC drain cover on the drain grate and fill the device with water using a hose. When finished, empty the water from the drain cover. Empty drain covers are portable and easy to store.


  • Industrial sites
  • Vehicle car parks
  • Fuel storage & transfer areas
  • Aggregate wash down areas


  • Portable
  • Reusable
  • Heavy duty and can withstand long term deployments in harsh conditions
  • Once filled, it conforms to uneven surfaces and creates a firm, reliable seal
  • Chemical resistant
  • UV stabilised up to 5 years
  • Storage bag included


  • 1.3mL x 1.3mW x 300mmH (filled)
  • 900gsm PVC
  • Geotextile underlay (200gsm non woven polypropylene)

Accessories and Options

Custom designs and materials available.


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