Understanding Spills

Spills, whether involving hazardous chemicals or everyday substances like cooking oil, pose significant environmental threats. Swift and effective cleanup is imperative for ensuring staff safety and minimising environmental damage. Integrating spill kits into a comprehensive Spill Response Plan is crucial. Having the right spill kits not only improves preparedness but also facilitates faster response. SpilMax provides a wide range of customisable spill kits tailored to your company’s needs,  distinguished by their colour-coding and custom-built design, which are divided into three categories. 

Discover the SpilMax Spill Kit Collection

1. Oil & Fuel Spill Kits include hydrophobic sorbents that repel water and float, enabling the absorption of oil and fuel-based products around water without absorbing the water itself. Ideal for outdoor use where oil and fuels are the main contaminants, such as hydraulic hoses, fuel stores, and marinas. Oil & Fuel Spill Kits contain sorbents stored in a yellow wheelie bin or PVC bag.

2. Universal / General Purpose Spill Kits are tailored for versatility, and excels in absorbing a diverse array of liquids such as oils, fuels, water, coolant, general workplace chemicals, and common agricultural substances. While they exhibit adaptability, it’s essential to note that they aren’t the optimal choice for oil on water spills. Housed in a blue wheelie bin or PVC bag, these kits feature specialized sorbents to address a wide spectrum of liquid risks.

3. Chemical Spill Kits (Hazchem) are designed to absorb the widest range of liquids, including water, oils, fuels, diesel, coolant, general workplace chemicals, common agricultural chemicals, strong oxidizers, acids, alkalis, and caustics. They are used for various risks and contaminants, stored in an orange wheelie bin or PVC bag.

4. Oil & Fuel Marine Spill Kits absorb plant and seed oils, hydrocarbons, petrochemicals, and petroleum-based solvents. They include hydrophobic sorbents that repel water and float, ideal for outdoor use where oil and fuels are the main contaminants. Oil & Fuel Marine Spill Kits contain special large floating absorbent booms for easy retrieval.

Options for Vehicles and Workplaces:

1. Spill Kit Bags: Made of tough PVC, these portable spill kits are ideal for vehicles, trucks, or heavy equipment. The strong carry handles allow them to be hung in spill-prone areas.

2. Spill Kit Bins: Acting as a portable spill control station, these bins are ideal for areas where liquids are stored or used. The wheelie bin is easy to walk to the spill location.

Determining the Right Quantity

The quantity is based on site-specific risks. Consider likely spill volumes, ensuring kit absorbency matches cleanup needs. Identify vulnerable areas and locate suitable spill kits within 30m. Risks can be both outside (transport areas, storage zones) and inside (manufacturing facilities, forklift stores) a workplace.

Having the right spill kit is not just a practical necessity; it shows our commitment to environmental stewardship and workplace safety. Always remember, preparedness is not just a duty; it reflects our dedication to a sustainable and secure future.

Is your spill kit up to the task? Consult our SpilMax Team of Experts for personalised spill kit recommendations today.