SpilMax 240L Oil & Fuel Marine Spill Kit CHMSK01

The SpilMax 240L Oil & Fuel Marine Spill Kit is designed for response to on-water hydrocarbon spills. They are ideal for installing visibly at foreshore works, on barges and in areas where boats are stored and refuelled such as marinas and ports. The wheelie bin makes it easy to walk the spill kit to the nearby spill.

The absorbents in this Marine Spill Kit are appropriate for cleaning up a wide variety of oil-based spills, including plant and seed oils, hydrocarbons, petrochemicals and petroleum-based solvents.

The polypropylene oil and fuel pads and large floating booms are hydrophobic. They repel water and float, even when fully saturated. They are recommended for oil-on-water spills and for use in wet work environments. The large floating absorbent booms are specially made for water deployment. The boom is encased in a mesh sleeve with snap hooks and nylon rope so booms can be joined together and easily retrieved.

This SpilMax Marine Spill Kit is supplied in a heavy-duty HDPE wheeled bin with a hinged lid, and the container keeps the contents dry and clean. These moveable spill kits are ideal for storage indoors or out. The bins are UV resistant. Spill Kit Covers can be added to ensure they are fully weatherproof if stored and exposed to the elements.

Printing on absorbent booms and pillows tells you what they can absorb.

Each spill kit has instructions on the outside of the bag for easy reference during a spill clean-up.

The SpilMax range of absorbents has undergone extensive testing to ensure their absorbency and performance.

Spill Kit Contents

1 x 240L Wheelie Bin (Yellow)
4 x Absorbent Large Boom with clip – Oil & Fuel (3mL x 125mmDia)
25 x Absorbent Pad 400gsm – Oil & Fuel (480mm x 430mm)
15 x Absorbent Wipe 200gsm – Universal (480mm x 430mm)
2 x Nitrile Gloves (Pair)
4 x Contaminated Waste Disposal Bag & Tie


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