SpilMax 50L Oil & Fuel Economy Vehicle Spill Kit Bag CHOFK16

Introducing the SpilMax® Oil & Fuel Economy Vehicle Spill Kit, a reliable solution for handling oil and fuel spills on the go. Suitable for storage in vehicles, whether in the trunk or behind seats.

Equipped with sturdy carry handles, these spill kit bags offer versatility. Their lightweight construction further enhances portability, allowing for easy and hassle-free transportation. In addition, they can be effortlessly transported and hung on walls in areas prone to spills.

SpilMax® Oil & Fuel Economy Vehicle Spill Kit can be conveniently stored in the cabins of trucks or heavy equipment, ensuring accessibility in various work settings.

The Oil & Fuel Spill Kit contains absorbents specifically designed to absorb various substances, including plant and seed oils, hydrocarbons, petrochemicals, and petroleum-based solvents. With their hydrophobic properties, these absorbents effectively repel water and float, making them particularly effective for addressing oil spills on water surfaces.
They are also recommended for wet work environments, providing reliable absorption in challenging conditions.

For quick reference, the spill kit instructions are prominently displayed outside the bag, ensuring clear guidance during spill response situations.

You are spill ready with the SpilMax® Oil & Fuel Vehicle Spill Kit.

Spill Kit Contents

1 x 50L Yellow Bag with Carry Handles
2 x Absorbent Mini Boom – Oil & Fuel (1.2mL x 75mmDia)
15 x Absorbent Pad 200gsm – Oil & Fuel (480mm x 430mm)
1 x Nitrile Gloves (Pair)
2 x Contaminated Waste Disposal Bags & Tie


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