What is a Universal Spill Kit?

60L Universal Spill Kit

Universal spill kit, also known as general spill kit, is a type of first response product ideal for absorbing and soaking up a range of liquids such as bodily fluid, general workplace chemicals, and common agricultural chemicals.

These spill kits are generally used in applications that include a variety of risks and contaminants. As Universal absorbents also absorb water, they are not recommended for oil-on-water spills.

What’s Inside the Universal Spill Kit?

A general spill kit or universal spill kit usually contains absorbent boomsabsorbent pads, nitrile gloves, a contaminated waste bag and tie, a dustpan and a brush.

Universal spill kit is usually supplied in portable bags or wheelie bins that come in different sizes.

Portable Bags

You have a variety of choices. This can be 25L, 50L or 60L carry bags that seals and protects the spill kit content from external moisture.

Drums and Wheelie Bins

More often than not, your preferred safety and environmental retailers can supply drums that have 60L capacity and wheelie bins that have 140L and 240L capacity.

Each has instructions located either inside or outside of the bag as a reference during a spill clean-up.

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