Testing and Chemical Compatibility of SpilMax Absorbents

  • The SpilMax range of sorbents are a high quality and cost effective range of products manufactured from a range of different materials to provide the best spill control outcome in differing circumstances.

Premium Plus and Natura-Sorb floor sweeps (loose absorbents) tested are both manufactured in Australia using a variety of organic materials and milling processes to provide superior absorbency.

Our selection of pads, booms and pillows are made from melt blown polypropylene and imported since 2007 from the same manufacturer ensuring the highest of quality control. These absorbents are very robust and withstand harsh environments. They can be used in a wide range of applications and will not lint, deteriorate or wear, even when under extreme use. Our range of polypropylene absorbents are chemical resistant and will adsorb a wide variety of hazardous liquids without degrading or reacting.

SpilMax is committed to delivering a quality range of spill response products under the SpilMax brand. Our products have undergone extensive absorbency testing to ensure their performance meets the expectations required by your organisation.

How are they tested?

Our sorbency range carried both absorbents and adsorbents. As a result, different testing methods are required with the two relevant test standard being:

  • ASTM F726 – Standard Test Method for Sorbent Performance of Adsorbents
  • ASTM F716 – Standard Test Method for Sorbent Performance of Absorbents

The results of our tests help you to determine which product could be suitable for the clean up of a liquid.

Chemical Compatibility

The SpilMax® range of spill response products are suitable for use on a wide range of liquids. We’ve created a guide to help you determine if a product is appropriate for the liquid it will come in contact with.

Choosing the right product to clean up a spill sometimes requires extra consideration. Compounds (liquids) included in our Absorbent Chemical Compatibility Guide are those for which third party advice was given. This tool has been created to help you decide if a product could be suitable for the clean up of a liquid.

SpilMax and its distributors accept no liability for any harm or damage arising from the use or misuse of the information contained in these documents. If you feel further advice is necessary, please consult your supplier with questions of performance and chemical compatibility.