What is an Economy Spill Kit and What Makes it Different?

Designed with cost-effectiveness and practicality, these spill kits are an essential tool for any business or organisation dealing with hazardous liquids.

SpilMax Economy Spill Kit vs SpilMax Regular Spill Kit

SpilMax  Economy Spill Kits are made to meet quality standards and environmental compliance requirements without breaking the bank. It comes with highly absorbent 200gsm pads instead of the 400gsm pads that the regular spill kits have.

SpilMax Economy Spill Kits provide important supplies for small to medium-sized spills, making them an ideal option for companies seeking to meet compliance requirements. The kits are compact and portable, so they can easily be stored in vehicles and deployed in areas where spills are likely to occur such as warehouses, factories and loading docks.

Each Economy Spill Kit includes absorbents, protective gear, and disposal bags to help contain and clean up spills of oil, chemicals, and other dangerous substances

How We Can Help

SpilMax offers a wide range of Spill Kit suitable to all types of workplace requirements. Our expert team can guide you through the process. Email us through sales@spilmax.com.au or give us a call at 1300 640 490